Also, not a metaphorical sales approach

29 June 2024 by
Also, not a metaphorical sales approach
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You know what We mean, correct?

Just to bring forth what you probably already know,... yes, why write this?... Let's say... so it's here to remind you. :)

If you've seen the home page of, you have seen that We go for a PEACE-Oriented, not sales-oriented approach with Our FAMILY Members.

And, you may realise, yeah... and now for metaphorical sales-approach...

Good for you, indeed Very Good actually.

So, We may be closing deals that are other than sales deals and yet... you guessed it, correct: there is a parallel. You know it too... perhaps you didn't but that on the side... that would have very probably have been: 'learned behaviour'.

This is about Day Dreams... you have some? Perhaps one... perhaps a BIG ONE.

If you have a BIG ONE... WONDERFUL... We do too... PEACE for All People.

Yet, there are Day Dreams that may lead to that PEACE and that's why this is so important to remember. And this is also where We are not one-track minded, only interested in Our Own Day Dreams, but interested in Day Dreams of others too...

...WITHOUT A METAPHORICAL sales approach. Because that's biased.

Santa Claus syndrome may be more wide-spread than We earlier realised.

If a theoretical person has a dependency relationship with someone... that 'dependent' person may talk along to perhaps receive a gift/present. And relating to on purpose perhaps receive a gift/present is a metaphorical sales-approach.

Side-note: You already know that a sales-oriented approach has to do with fear of suffering? If you don't, there's some mentioned about it in an email to Selldone (see ABOUT Page).

So, Most of The FAMILY Members are not always able (not meaning while sleeping) to pro-actively work on trying to achieve their Day Dream(s). There are times when there's nothing to do, but wait... for an email, a paid invoice into our business bank account, some information, etc. That waiting is usually not desirable and unnecessary too... Others have Day Dreams & We may support them with achieving those. And if We ask not (metaphorical) sales-oriented questions... then... who has time to wait? (not including needed sleep/rest/relaxation)

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