Beauty.CSR | What is the score?

7 July 2024 by
Beauty.CSR | What is the score?
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Corporate Social Responsibility - Sustainability has to do with enough quality employment too.

Since people probably do not want to live in an egg (matrix), what about live away from keyboards?

Automation has come a long way and if we could eat virtual food, drink virtual beverages, clothe with virtual clothes, reside in virtual homes with virtual furniture and travel virtually, it would be a Great Innovative Improvement for People on Earth. 

However, as you know, your Biological Physical exterior body relies a lot on Biological Physical food, - beverages, - bodycare, - clothes, - habitation, - travel, etcetera for existence and so do other FAMILY Members with Biological Physical exterior bodies.

If you see a delicious looking meal, what do you prefer: to take a byte or take a bite?
If your stomach is hungry enough, the latter correct?

So, the score with all that automation today, which you may have read elsewhere at FamRing, is that approximately 20% of all employable People (±1.3B out of ±6.5B*) have paid Earthly legal employment. So you may ask, what paid the bills for all those other People?
Dividend from Company stock, Rent from owned properties, social security, and Earthly illegal trade/activities. (not exclusive listing)

  • Company stock/owning property: Approximately 55%* of all employable People owned some company stock and/or property, of which ±10%* had Earthly legal employment.
  • Social security: Approximately 20% of all employable People received income from their Governments' social security institution
  • Earthly illegal trade/activities: Approximately ±30%* of all employable People received financial income from this, of which ±8%* doing work which Earthly legal business could do too, however without paying taxes, social insurances and generally without employment (health) insurance.


With Family System: FAMILY.BUSINESS™, We've concepted a system to increase quality jobs, including healthy socialising and to eradicate Earthly illegal trade/activities.

Beauty.CSR™ is, as you may already be aware of, part of Publivity™ B.O.S.S./C.S.R., which is part of Family System: FAMILY.BUSINESS™. A wise choice for automating companies to attain a Healthy Balance is to provide quality employment which they've taken indirectly with their automations.


Michael 'EMELINE' Roeten

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