Does Vladimir Poetin need to do it for OUR FAMILY?

14 May 2024 by
Does Vladimir Poetin need to do it for OUR FAMILY?
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4 March 2024 -

We have mentioned that 0% of People at China would voluntary continue with Political form Communism, according to SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE, however voluntary International Participation with Community System: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™ when available, SPIRITUALLY Scored 100% Willingness to Participate. And Russia has no different percentages. Momentarily, much money in The West is with people whom not all deserved that financial wealth. According to HIGHEST SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE, Communist Countries seek not to spread Communism as a Political Form, however they hold another SPIRITUAL Position with Community System: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™. Earlier this week, We introduced concept: YOurFAMILY.Agency™ too, which is not only about redistribution, also about making funds available for education, materials and equipment for Tradeable Crafts (Starting with Hobbies). Those with much money, whom know they momentarily don’t deserve that kind of Elegant.Luxe™, may voluntary signup to become a Director for initially 2 years by starting a YOurFAMILY.Agency™ Franchise Establishment with it. Condition is that at least €1M is deposited in The Treasury of UNITED HOLLAND.

Perhaps it is not necessary, that Vladimir Poetin invades Europe to redistribute the wealth. It’s not just money, also estates, mansions, houses, stock, jewelry. Perhaps Western Europe (and the USA too) can do it with UNITED HOLLAND, this redistributing and no Force via Russia is necessary.


UPDATE 16 May 2024 - A coincidence that new Minister of Defence of Russia, since 12 May 2024 is a civilian with economical background: Andrei Belousov.

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