Money Does Not Equal Security…

14 May 2024 by
Money Does Not Equal Security…
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2 March 2024 -

… , so if that were your goal, especially about your future, suggestion to continue reading. They saw them coming from Miles afar… those with the same sort of mind-set. They perceived it as personally against them, however for a big part it was about ‘mirroring’.

“So, have you ever typed in Google/Bing/Yahoo search: “How to make money online" (and clicked the ‘search’-button)? "

And this also translated to conversations with ‘friends’ those with an incorrect ‘money equals security’-belief. 

When is enough money enough money? 

Ohw, how enough wisdom given at an early age let to be desired for many. 

All People tried at least to do Very Good with what was given to them (reference: HumaneDynamics™ Some Principles at COMMUNITY.BUSINESS) and it was in THE SCRIPT for it to happen, inevitable. And, sometimes ‘opposites’ were attracted and they both tried to fix the other. 

So, have you asked THE FAITH QUESTION with inner voice (mentioned at HumaneDynamics)? Suggestion to also try to say: 

~What is momentarily MOST DESIRABLE for me to do for OUR FAMILY?

UPDATE 14 May 2024 - Remember, that you're not just a 'client of Society, your FAMILY', you are also a 'server of Society, your FAMILY'!  

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