Room and Board?

If Housing and Utilities were Standard Included as part of Employment Agreement...
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Room and Board?
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We mentioned some about a World without marketing, people without a sales-approach to other FAMILY Members(/Components)...

Housing has been a major issue around The World...

Those whom had the financial space could very often upgrade their place of residence.

Was this a Fair situation, that often money was the determining factor for sort of living environment?

It has been a wild, wild West with that construction, which by the way, we inherited from previous generations. And in the East... communism... more about participation and contribution were determining factors for sort of living environment.

While momentarily, We do not have direct access to financial capital, We do like to share what We would do if We had sufficient funds directly available.

Instead of Earthly Government housing and free market, We suggest that all housing becomes COMPANY Housing.

That cost for residing, including utilities and a flexible financial allowance, is included within employment agreements.

At Netherlands, in the past, there were people whom proposed a basic income, whether people worked or not and whether they had other financial income or not. That money would have to come from Earthly Government, which comes from taxes.

Earthly Government in most cases, does not have an Employer position.

With Family System: FAMILY.BUSINESS™, without a sales-attitude, We might provide room and board, and a financial allowance for Eleganthe ID FAMILY Members. A social housing association may be approached by COMPANY, to ask her tenants whom are interested to participate with this Family System. They would be asked to agree with room & board and a flexible allowance related to participation and contribution to Society. In this case, to participate with FAMILYWorkshop.Pro™ and accept Company Schooling for upgrading their skill and experience levels to design and produce Elegant.Moda™- &/or™- products.

FAMILYWorkshop.Pro™ compensation is Freelance and would be in FABYZ (FAMILY Currency).
People whom had a distance to the labour market, initially may need some extra schooling and support before they can earn enough financial Freelance Income to pay for their own housing costs.
While Friendlyn would initially not hire people, there may be a temporary agreement that participants (whom are tenants at social housing associations) try to be available to improve skill and experience level and with support start designing and posting at ExchangeWithFriends™ at Friendlyn™ ( and if designs are chosen, to start creating at FAMILYWorkshop.Pro™ Establishments. During that temporary agreement, Friendlyn would per participant: pay rent, fair utility use, schooling & support and per participant: generated Freelance income would be up to an allowance level and above allowance level, first deductions towards housing & utilities would be made. Again, Freelance compensation would be in FABYZ and left over FABYZ (after deduction) can be paid out to PayPal (with a minimum of 10 FABYZ).

A distance to the labour market may mean that a person is unable to accept a full-time job with mainly repetitive tasks (such as call center work/deliveries), however may be asked to try to do such work part-time and besides that part-time job, have not mainly repetitive work such as design and creation with FAMILY.BUSINESS™ via Friendlyn™.

NOTE: A Main Approach is to try to distribute repetitive jobs over all employable people and that for example meal deliveries are considered a Humane Luxe, meaning that enough money is not the only deciding factor for ordering meals, also that it is socially acceptable to use that kind of 'Service', not only for lazy convenience.

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