The Community Exponential Multiplier Effect

The Power of Community Thinking

Ask not “What can (wo)mankind can do for us/me, ask what can we/I do for (wo)mankind?” (other example: Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.)

The Community Exponential Multiplier Factor

If people would ask what others can do for them, there would for theoretical example be 8 billion people whom try to get others to do things for them = x 1 = times all people in this Universe considered.

If people ask what they can do for others, there would be 8 billion people, thinking about what they could do for 7.999.999.999 others. = x 7.999.999.999 = 63.999.999.992.000.000.000 (63,999999992 quintillion) times all people in this Universe considered.

If your approach is that a biological physical person houses 6 x 1/6 souls(*) (6 beings per soul (+ 1 x 7th Group ID) for ), then the calculation is as follows: x 47.999.999.994 =  2,303.999.999E 1021 (2,303.999.999 sextillion) times all people in this Universe considered.

[CommunityFactoring™] With CommunityFactoring we seek to compliment in business (not competing) with others whom are also PEACE-1st-Oriented.

*) See HumaneDynamics™ Some Principles Item 6

Also, with prayer... pray for other beings than your own Soul-ID-group.