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In Business:

What is healthy for a Girl to do In Business,

while PEACE for All People lets to be HOPED for?

While intention is to let FOREVERGIRLS.EDUCATION

continue after PEACE has been attained, for now there's

work to be done to make that happen!

At FEMININE.EDUCATION, we mentioned some about

Body & FEMININE Style.

You may have already read those messages and if not, we

suggest you do that before continuing.

So Girls, very much has happened in the past and there

are some legacy issues to resolve, which isn't personal.

As you may already realise, All Adult Children and Children

tried very good with what was given to them in the past

and it's situations and cargo related to People and Animals

we're trying to work on. Our approach is that it's a matter of

Balancing Human & Family Resources,

so that we attain PEACE BALANCE (EQUILIBRIUM).

While it may have sounded 'sexy' to run an own business,

it was mainly a 'competitive' endeavour.

We say, seek Cooperation preferably rather than competition.

Complementing In Business, instead of doing it yourselves,

to try to attain PEACE For All PEOPLE.

We are however in competition with those, with whom 

PEACE-Direction lets to be Hoped for at this moment.

Again, as mentioned at 

HumaneDynamics™: PEACE 1st, Settling 2nd,

not the other way around.

We're in THE PEACE FORCE, and even if you reside in a Villa

or at a Mansion, momentarily, metaphorically, those habitations are

like PEACE FORCE 'tents'.

A Villa or Mansion can also be used as a metaphor for a

biological physical Human Body, which has beauty above average.

Momentarily the biological physical Human Body you reside in,

is a 'tent' too. And this 'tent' is not the IMMORTAL PHYSICAL BODY

you may expect to later reside in. 

Coming back to running an own business and intentionally seeking

Beneficial Cooperation with those already In Business, we may win

enormously related to reduced overhead costs and other Effectiveness

and Efficiency Benefits.

Overhead costs are something that's included in 

the price of products and services. The Clients pay the bill.

And, it's not strange that 'established' bigger companies have a huge

advantage. They try to leverage resources and make products & services

available for a lower price, than smaller companies, whom have a basic

overhead cost situation, before even generating their first financial income

from Clients.

So, if you are interested to go In Business, what do We suggest you to do?

Well, it's taken us more than 16 years to Invent a system to enormously reduce

overhead costs, and more importantly, to try to eliminate hurdles for FAMILY 

Eleganthe Members Worldwide to start to be (semi-)professionally productive and generate

financial income doing so, without being hired by an employer.

Our suggestion is that you enable Family Members to produce without

an own trade license. In the recent past and longer before that,

for many this has been an unpassable hurdle.

If a person is interested to Earth-legally sell products &/or services,

they Earth-legally need a trade license. Weird legacy, do you agree?

Your answer is probably: Yes.

We thought so too. We Invented a system to enable Family Members

to produce, without there own trade license, without an employer,

on a freelance basis.

We named Our Invention: Community System: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™,

which includes CommunityWorkshop.Pro™ Establishments and


In March 2024, this System evolved into Family System: FAMILY.BUSINESS™

For the time being, let your business, productions & services be:

Functional !!!!!!!

Perhaps More Later!



What's a Girl to do Professionally?


You've already have Spiritual confirmation that

We are All Girls in this UNIVERSE?

(With if applicable 'Woman Layers' around Our Core Girl)

If you have not, suggestion to see Home Page of this Site

regarding 'THE FAITH QUESTION' in the Intro text.

With reference to Message about Girls: In Business,

at this site, We suggest that you invest time and effort

into (a) tradeable craft(s).

And this is not only until PEACE for All PEOPLE has been


We're trying to roll out Family System: FAMILY.BUSINESS™

with FAMILYWorkshop.Pro™ Establishments Worldwide.

In preparation for participation to that system:

Continue improving or start to learn and gain experience

with (an) Intentional later Beneficial Productive Hobby/Hobbies.

Your Hobby/Hobbies may become (Semi-)Professions later via

FAMILYWorkshop.Pro™ as trade-licensed Mediator between

Retail and your self as Citizen Family Member.

Perhaps More Later.


Spare Time:

What are Girls preferably to do with given Spare Time?

These are some suggestions,

while PEACE lets to be HOPED for:

- Functional Rest & Relaxation

- Team Work with Own Soul ID-Group

- Team Work with Other Soul ID-Groups

Related to Team Work:

If in a Soul ID-Group, one or more are 'behind' with

essential knowledge/wisdom, then the whole ID-Group

is 'behind', related to that.

Remember that the 6 x 1/6 Soul Members of a

Soul are connected, e.g. via 7th Soul Group ID, which

preferably has a Female Name, which all Soul Members are

part of and, if given, may in turn represent with one or more sisters, or alone for all the Soul Members of the whole Soul ID-Group.

Realise that all Members of a Soul Group ID, each also have their Soul Members virtualised with them. So, there is no room for which sister did better, because each sister was also virtualised present (including influence) with their sister members of Soul Group ID she was and is part of. Also, realise that each sister in your Soul ID-Group, including yourself, did not have brain-power to think. Your thoughts were all inspired. The brain is a connection between your Spiritual mind and the Biological Physical Human Body you reside in.

Also, try to use Spare Time for working with other Soul Groups.

Emphasis: That all employable people are (self-)employed.

Relational work, to beneficially know others more and to update / upgrade each others' knowledge and perhaps even add to each others' wisdom.

Perhaps More Later.