Dear FAMILY Member,

May it be Well with you.

Welcome to UNITED HOLLAND ElegantLand™.

You may have already heard about Our in August 2023 invented Community System: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™, which in March 2024 Evolved into:
Family System: FAMILY.BUSINESS™ (link at this Site).

And you may already know that this Family System is NOT non-profit, neither is it about Earthly Political form Communism.

So, We inherited an Economical Trade System and instead of trying to replace It, We try to work with It.

Those with Freelance Experience already know that if they don’t show up for work, a financial compensation is not very likely to follow… at least not in the short term.

In the past, more often than not, if there was no work to be done, there was no pay.

The Public Crowd had to be more responsible for trying to meet market demands, in order to try to make a living and buying necessities for their biological Bodied existences.

The majority of The Global Human Population is momentarily unemployed, yet we probably never had so much production and trade going.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence may become an asset for The Public, instead of a competitive weapon.

If instead of competing against each other, We All start to embrace complementing with each other, We may very well start doing the enjoyable part of production and trade and let machines do the boring tasks as much as desirable.

About the same time that Artificial Intelligence, AI, started to go mainstream, We were also given The Concept of Community System: COMMUNITY.BUSINESS™.

The Public and Companies working together for attaining PEACE and Well-being for Our FAMILY, with shared responsibility and a non-judgmental attitude.

That’s Our Program!

Our Earthly Name is Michael Roeten, Founder Director President of Company UNITED HOLLAND and Our SPIRITUAL Name is EMELINE.

We Invite you to join Our Program as Eleganthe™ Member, with your own Eleganthe ID.

Let’s Build & Nourish Together!

UNITED HOLLAND ElegantLand™is a Layer at Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland, China, Greece, United States of America, Brazil, Pakistan, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, South-Africa, South-Korea, Japan, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Suriname, Netherlands Antilles, Thailand & The Netherlands. (except The Netherlands, in order of addition) The following Countries may be added next: Indonesia & Philippines.

Company UNITED HOLLAND now provides ElegantLand™ Layer, which if business is suitable, is available to be activated from Free Supportive Elegant Modus (Free S.E.M.) to Premium Supportive Elegant Modus (Premium S.E.M.) at the same business postal addresses of registered businesses.

Premium S.E.M. is activated if an informal.Place™-Instance is rented.

informal.Place is available via:
Publivity™ B.O.S.S. / C.S.R. (link: at this Site)

Interested?  Contact Us


Eleganthe: Family Members whom (are eligible to) sent a request to get an ElegantheID™ Card.

With an ElegantheID™ Card:

  • You’ll have Official Membership of UNITED HOLLAND ElegantLand™.
  • You may Officially Participate at FAMILY.BUSINESS™ Establishments when available, which may soon be Listed (via) here:
    • FAMILYBUSINESS.Events™ & Eleganthe.Network™ Meetings at: Elegant.Center™-, Elegant.Cafe™-, Elegant.Restaurant™-,™- & ElegantParty.Center™- Establishments;
    • FAMILYWorkshop.Pro™ Establishments;
    • Elegant.Boutique™- & Elegant.Store™- Establishments.

(a Searchable Elegant.Directory™ with FAMILY.BUSINESS Establishments may follow later)

Request an ElegantheID™ Card? Ordering momentarily not set-up at

A recent study mentioned that out of ±3 Billion Employable People, ±1.2 Billion are Employed, which is ±40%, so ±60% unemployed.

From SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE, We found that the number of Employable People is actually between 6B-6.5 Billion. Mainly because of the Friendliness of Business Environments that severely let to be desired, the number seems much lower.

We seek complementation, instead of competition and do not regard educational level and financial wealth the deciding factors for potential to contribute beneficially to Society, to Our FAMILY.

For Eleganthe Family Members, YOurFAMILY.Agency™ is a NEW Concept, an Eleganthe Service.

We intent to launch The ‘Flagship’ YOurFAMILY.Agency™ Establishment, when its fairly financially possible. After this ‘Flagship’ is launched, YOurFAMILY.Agency™ Franchise Establishments may follow.

If there are/is a paid sign-up(s) before ‘Flagship’ is launched, then that would be enough to launch The ‘Flagship’ first and then the sign-up(s)-Franchise Establishment(s).

By: Business Government of UNITED HOLLAND ElegantLand™,

Director President Michael ‘EMELINE’ Roeten.

For Eleganthe Family Members:

  • Eleganthe Clients;
  • Eleganthe Providers.

Eleganthe Clients

This is for Eleganthe People, whom like to receive Practical Support from YOurFAMILY.Agency™. Also, on a ‘No Cure, No Pay’-basis for those with a welfare (social security) situation and/or a job with minimum-(, not ‘Living’-) wages. The offered Support is for Clients to try to have Fitting Employment, with financial income generation: Be it via Freelance (e.g. via FAMILYWorkshop.Pro™ Establishment(s)), via Payroll &/or via a Labour Agreement.

Those whom ask Support on a ‘No Cure, No Pay’-basis, receive autonomy to report if situation with ‘Living’-wages is reached and start paying (±)10% of their Net-Income per month to the YOurFAMILY.Agency™ Franchise Establishment whom provided Support. If financial investments were made, be it for education, materials, equipment, traveling, etc., then upfront it can be agreed that if financial income is generated at agreed ‘Living’-wages level, that investment is paid back too in instalments or at once. (This YOurFAMILY.Agency™ Franchise Establishment has an agreed Bank Account threshold and surplus is transferred to The Treasury of UNITED HOLLAND by/’on behalf of’ the Director of that Franchise Establishment.)

Contact Us for Support from a YOurFAMILY.Agency™ Establishment

Eleganthe Providers

This is for Eleganthe People momentarily without employment, whom like to fulfil a Business Government Position as Director of an YOurFAMILY.Agency™ Franchise Establishment, for an initial period of 2 years, with a to be determined Fair Salary, whom are able to deposit at least €1M* into The Treasury of UNITED HOLLAND.

From The Treasury, Financial Support may be approved for Eleganthe Clients with an Eleganthe.ID™: for Education, Tradeable Craft Courses, Professional Equipment. The Director of a Franchise has a Counseling, Mediating & Monitoring Supportive Role, however does not approve Financial Support.

This can Liberate People whom have Financial Wealth, to getting rid of being a Personal ATM to friends, whom asked for loans/investments/gifts, to be given a Real Job, without the Personal Bank Responsibility.

*) So that participants at time of transaction have €999.999,99 personal wealth and a residence with up until average ± selling price (+ 10%) for a residence at residing Country.

Does that mean that there can be no ‘Millionaires’ and ‘Billionaires’?

The Answer is no:

This has to do with Public Opinion and more than that: SPRITUAL TRUTH, concerning participants’ Direct LOVING/Loving/loving Contribution(s) to Our Family.

It is momentarily conceptually possible for a participant to become a ‘Millionaire’ again, however then with The Public whom holds The Opinion that that is Well Deserved in relation to their Own Contributions/contributions, and MORE than that, what THE TRUTH about some ones situation is with THE SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT.

For example: Inheriting a financial fortune, winning a lottery, finding a ‘hole-in-the-market’ that made some one financially wealthy, did not always mean that was REALLY DESERVED related to Contribution(s) done/made.

While Attaining PEACE is OUR MAIN PRIORITY, some one may become a ‘Millionaire’ again after that Family Member deposited at least 90% of your financial wealth, at least €1M into The Treasury of UNITED HOLLAND. And of course, this should not be a goal, you know better than that too, correct? Theoretically, if there are Reviews from Eleganthe.ID Family Members related to ones’ efforts to Support them e.g. to find (a) (more) beneficial Job(s) &/or attain ‘Living’ wages, and more than that from SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE, that can be reason for a raise of Director Salary &/or of People hired by that Director (hiring after ok from MANAGEMENT @ UNITED HOLLAND).

We intent to try to continue the Job position(s) of Director(s) and the Franchise(s) agreement after initial 2 years period. While we do not guarantee a continuation, we intent to try to provide guidance & training, with the goal to continue Franchises, including the Director positions connected with it, after those initial 2 years.

And, if participating Family Members (Directors) are asked for loans/investments from their personal wealth, they may try to adopt the policy to forward them to their own or others’ YOurFAMILY.Agency™ Franchise Establishment, intentionally for discussion/planning and if applicable ask for Support from The Treasury of UNITED HOLLAND.

Contact Us for a YOurFAMILY.Agency™ Franchise Establishment was registered in 07-2007 and is since in April 2024 redirected to this Page (integrated with