Run Your Own Business*,
via Our Trade License

*) With 1 Of Our Companice™ Consent.Business™ Plans,

Choose out of 7 Companice™ Plans

We've designated 7 Premium Domains, We registered, as PEACE-Oriented,
of which each participant (and her team member(s))
choose 1 domain to start a site (at a subdomain of that domain).

You have asked 'THE FAITH QUESTON' with Inner Voice (see homepage)
and believe HumaneDynamics™, incl. Listed Principles.

You'll Be The Advisor &/or Creator

Run your own (free &/or paid) Community, Online Courses,
Webinars, 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions. Provide Digital Downloads,
Maintain an Email List.

We Use Podia Platform,
 where We set-up your sub-domain with your chosen domain,
1 email address for Email List
and payments, which We'll talk about later at this page.

Established in 2007

Domain was Inspired & registered in July 2007 and
UNITED HOLLAND is a Company nowadays, with 6 other Trade Names,
incl. FamRing (pending), with Main Address less than 500 meters from
The Peace Palace at The Hague, NL-Netherlands

Financial Arrangement

Of all sales at your, 
minus transaction fees of Podia & Stripe, you'll quarterly
receive rounded off 50% of generated revenue as commission via PayPal.

    We Try to Promote Our Active Premium Domains...

...of proceeds from participation fees, and perhaps later other funds too.

Each Companice™ participant is asked to leave footer section of
her subdomain site intact, which contains links to,
which will intentionally have a link to your site as well.

These are The PEACE-Oriented Domains of The 7 Companice™ Plans:

YSISY™: ~ Ask a sister: Why?

YJOBY™: ~ Try To Get Job Professionally Done

XSISX™: ~ Research on Demand

Necessence™: ~ Necessary Essentials




Participation Fee:

€ 397,-/month*

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*) Excl. tax, cancel anytime, no refunds.